What is Man?

by James Herschel Lyda

What is man and why of all the beings created upon this earth, does he have the ability to think and reason? Why is he regarded above all other life forms?

Here is the answer. God created man in his likeness and gave him dominion over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. So man is regarded above all other life forms because God decreed it to be so.

How was man made and what does he consist of?

Here is the complete recipe for the makeup of man. Dust of the ground and Breath of life. Nothing else was put into man. This mixture of Dust and Breath became a living soul. When man dies his breath goeth forth and the remaining dust becomes a dead soul

So we see that a soul can die and consists only of dust if it is dead or consists of dust and breath if it is alive. A soul was not placed in man but man became a living soul when the breath of life was breathed into him. Man or no part of him is immortal. Upon dying, all thoughts cease and man becomes a dead soul knowing nothing.