"Being Thankful In An Unthankful World"

People running to and fro,
Where they are going,
They do not seem to know.
Wanting more and never satisfied,
Searching for this and that,
Until the day they die.
Material things are what they seek,
And if it is a "steal of a deal",
People are no longer meek.
Many say there's no money to spend,
Yet camp out for hours and days,
Out of sight far around the bend.
People fight for TV's and toys,
They shoot and slash for parking spaces,
In the end, where is the joy?
Acting like there is no tomorrow,
They must have more now,
But is the deal worth the sorrow?
The stress, the violence, and the pain;
Should make one contemplate,
What have I really gained?
Being thankful should be from the heart,
Not uttering empty words,
That vaporize like a fart.
The world wants more things it doesn't need,
Not being thankful for what it already has,
Not giving GOD his rightful heed.
What are our priorities as members of Adam's seed?
Do we properly differentiate,
Between our wants and our needs?
The Bible gives us examples of true thankfulness,
From Abraham to David to Paul,
It was from GOD that they were blessed.
Even Job who had his possessions taken away,
Did not blaspheme or forsake GOD,
But looked forward to "the latter day".
It is hard to be thankful when surrounded by greed,
But what the world wants now,
Is not what it needs.
The material things people struggle for,
If that effort was placed in pleasing GOD,
They would have so much more.
Be thankful to GOD for what you already have,
The promise of eternal life is better than a new TV,
And is the perfect healing salve.
John S Fyfe=11-29-2013