In a land far away, many years ago;
Lived a man of God, so the story is told.

A man of truth, a man of peace;

A man whose uncompromising devotion did not cease.

A man who asked his followers to show their faith;
To live in love and not in hate.

He was not against the law or above the law but here to fulfill,
The mighty plan of God; he died for whosoever will.

To those that cried and ranted and raved;

They got what they wanted while he lay in the grave.

He instructed his disciples to go forth and preach;
The Kingdom of God to all was within reach.

A call to action was the message of Christ;
Words and faith alone just would not suffice.

For hundreds of years, believers of truth;

Have suffered and died, their lives are the proof.

On words alone, faith cannot stand;
A call to action is what God demands.

What if Noah had not built the ark, or Abram left Ur;
Would saying they believed made them better than a cur.

If Moses and Joshua had not led the Israelites;

Saying they believed God would have still left them parasites.

God isn't asking for miracles, that is his part;
Just act on our faith, show what's in our heart.

The faithful believers listed in Hebrews 11;

Have their names in the book of life that is in heaven.

If we want our names added to the list of believers;
We must act on our faith and avoid the Deceiver.

To say we believe is just the beginning;
To do nothing else, God counts as sinning.

A call to action like Peter and John;

Who preached the gospel instead of being the Pharisee's pawns.

A call to action like the apostle Paul;

If he hadn't acted, we'd still know him as Saul.

A call to action has been issued to everyone;
Show your faith by acting like the Son.

A call to action means spreading the truth of God everywhere;
Not saying "I believe", then hibernating like a bear.

John S. Fyfe = 10/7/2011.