I am standing at the crossing,

While evening sun is sinking low,

Just waiting for the signal light to change,

And the warning sign to go.

Though I must over Jordon cross,

There's no one to take my place,

This sentence was pronounced upon Adam,

And all the human race.

And then will come a time of sleep and slumber,

But it will be only as a dream,

While we sleep in Jesus,

After we've crossed Jordan's dark stream.

But I can see the gleams of golden morning,

Piercing through this night of gloom,

And a glorious resurrection,

When Christ will burst the tomb.

Then if I have kept my lamp trimmed and burning,

And of oil there has been no lack,

I will not be like the foolish virgin,

From my entrance driven back.

I am waiting Christs' coming,

And the trump of God to sound,

Where there'll be joyous shouting and singing,

When all His faithful ones are crowned.

Hilliard C. Case

Rt 1, Flat Rock, NC